Fabulous Consulting for the Web

The EEE Computes Difference (No, Really)

Why EEE Computes?

We provide web consulting with an emphasis on Ruby, Javascript and node.js applications.

We have been with the web since the beginning, but we never stopped learning. Our principal, Chris Strom, works at his craft every day. If we work that hard on our craft, imagine what we can do for you and your team.

Don't imagine. Contact us to find out!

What's with the Crayons?

It demonstrates a commitment to cost. Awesome skills and a commitment to quality are not cheap. We will not cut corners. But, we make every effort to keep costs to an absolute minimum. If there is part of the project where the equivalent of a 6 year old's skills are required, we will use our experience to deliver the simplest thing that can possibly work (without violating child labor laws).

Cost matters. Quality matters.