On Learning

Cross-posted on: Compendious Thunks

My name is Chris. I am an Obsessive Pragmatic Programmer learner.

OK, that might sound completely made up (it is), but bear with me…

What makes one a pragmatically obsessive learner? Well two things:

Is that the absolute best way to learn?

Beats me.

No, really. If I’ve learned anything while exploring learning, it is that each of us has to find what works best for us. And we can’t shirk the responsibility of learning in the programming field. It will pass you by if you let up for a week.

What I can say about Obsessive Pragmatic Learning is that it’s pretty darn effective for me. How could you not pick up a thing or two after 1900 blog posts? And, yup, I’d highly recommend giving it a try — even to the point of daily blogging. *


Lately, I begin to feel like certain fundamentals are slipping. I’m pretty sure that The Pragmatic Programmer never meant for anyone to learn new stuff to the exclusion of all other learning. That’s on me.

So… I commit now to taking a step back. Instead of learning another new library, a new language, or the next hot framework, I will instead invest in fundamentals. I will start with design patterns, then move onto software principles. Eventually I will move back to the next hot framework because I really do think there is a balance to be found.

And I hope you will join me at…

Compendious Thunks!

Effective learning doesn’t have to be obsessive (and, let’s face it, it probably shouldn’t be). It should be committed. Toward that goal, I think we can help each other.

So I present to you Compendious Thunks. And a bargain:

For you: You watch 5 minute screencasts to level up. Roughly twice a week, watch an episode on a pattern or principle, play with interactive code, and… get better! You continue your growth from good to greatness.

For me: I keep learning and recommit myself to my fundamentals. And get feedback from you where I still need to get better or improve my understanding.

I’m making much of this free as I hope it’ll prove useful. And the rest I’m making as informative as humanly possible.

Let’s redouble a focus on programming fundamentals together!

* Well, blog daily as long as you don’t wind up doing it for 1,045 days straight. I’d very much like to hold onto that little record, thank you very much!